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I V Cannula/ Catheter with wings & Injection Port:

IV Cannulas are placed inside a vein to provide venous access. Venous access allows sampling of blood, as well as administration of fluids, medications.

Certification: CE/ISO 13485

Features IV Canulla with Wings and Injection Port:

NEEDLE: Siliconised stainless steel back-cut needle help clinicians to perform easy and painless venipuncture.

Catheter: Lubricated with an exclusive process and made of biocompatible FEP material having smooth and painless venipuncture within minimum trauma.

FLASHBACK CHAMBER: It allows quick visualization of a flashback of blood and confirmation of catheter placement in a blood vessel.

FLEXIBLE WINGS: The flexible wings provide easy gripping and follow the contours of the site allowing more secure fixation.

INJECTION VALVE: It requires minimum force during the injection of intermittent medication.

Needle Cover: Very soft transparent needle cover to prevent accidental damage to needle and catheter.

Options Available:

* FEP/PTFE/PUR Catheter

* Hydrophobic filter

* Suturable Wings

* Coloured wings

* Packaging in Coloured Paper

* Medical Kraft Paper/Tyvek

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