Blood -Grouping Seras

Blood Grouping Seras
by Maxwin - International Diagnostic Reagent Suppliers

  • Outstanding batch to batch consistency
  • High Specificity
  • No Stickiness
Product Code Name Pack Size Methodology
MH07SER ANTI- A 10 ml Monoclonal Anti A Antibodies for slide and tube tests
MH08SER ANTI- B 10 ml Monoclonal Anti B Antibodies for slide and tube tests
MH09SER ANTI-D(IgG+IgM) 10 ml Blend of Monoclonal IgM + IgG for Rho (D) typing
MH10SER Anti-ABD 3 x 10 ml ABO / Rho (D) IgG + IgM Reagent combipack
MH11SER Bovine Albumin 22% 10 ml 22% Purified Bovine serum albumin for serological
MH12SER Coomb's Serum (Anti Human Globulin) 10 ml Monospecific Coomb's Sera
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