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Crepe Bandages for Phlebology & Lymphology, Orthopaedics / Sports medicine, Wound Care, Pharma consumables

Crepe Elastic Bandages support any strain or a sprain. Also for moderate compression to reduce swelling.
Crepe bandages are used to lightly support sprained and strained muscles, to help correct fractures and other bone problems in orthopaedics, to serve as a compression bandage to support already bandaged varicose veins, and to support surgical gauze bandage dressings. This type of bandage is never directly applied to wounds.

Certification: CE/ISO 13485

Types of Bandages

Compression Bandages
Compression bandages used for phlebological and lymphological therapy

Sports medicine & orthopedics Bandages
Support and relief with bandages and tissues

Fixation Bandages
Fixation bandages are used in clinics, care facilities, medical practices or at home.
1. Fixation
2. Tubular ready-made dressings

Adhesive Bandages
We want to exceed your expectations - with powerful and safe fabrics

Maxwin's Bandages Features

* Permanently elastic

* Offers therapeutically effective compression

* Indication specific Pressure dosage is possible

* 100% skin friendly & soft

* Non-slipping

* Enables patients to wear normal footwear

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