Widal Test Kit Method

The Test De Widal Kit detects the presence of Salmonella, the reason for Typhoid Fever. This fever originates from pathogenic microorganisms such as Salmonella Typhi, Salmonella Paratyphi A, B, and C. It is a diagnostic test method based on the transparent agglutination reaction in a test tube. Widal Antigen sets are used in this test.

What is Stained Salmonella Antigen Set?

The Stained Salmonella Febrile Antigen, otherwise known as stained salmonella antigen set, is a diagnostic reagent kit used to detect specific antibodies produced in response to the stimulation by a particular antigen, Salmonella.

Vital Guidelines

Before you conduct this test, you have to take note of these guidelines:
1. Firstly, the Widal Test Kit has to be used by the kit instructions
2. Permit all the reagents to reach the room temperature
3. Don't ever dilute any kit reagents
4. Also, do not mix the reagents
5. Never attempt freezing the kit reagents
6. Make sure that the gas slide is clean and dry before using
7. While you handle the reagents, you have to wear masks and gloves

How to Use Widal Test Kits

If you want to know the procedure, note the following points:
1. Before you start the experiment, bring over all the reagents to the room temperature
2. Secondly, you have to stir them well
3. Start Marking the circles of slides, like Positive Control (PC), Negative Control (NC), O, H, AH, BH as per antigen solutions employed for testing
4. Then, add a positive control drop into the circle named as PC
5. Subsequently, pour a drop of negative control into the process marked as NC
6. In each reaction circle (0, H, AH, and BH), you have to add some amount of test sample
7. After you add all the models, you have to include every antigen solution as well
8. Consequently, Mix the liquid of each reaction circle with a separate mixing stick
9. Gently shake the glass for a minute and look at whether the agglutination occurs
Once you combine the test sample with Positive control, Negative control, and Antigen solution, you have to observe for agglutination. Handle the kits with immense care, and do not give space for horrendous consequences.

What happens Now?

When the Salmonella infects the Human body, it starts responding to the Antigenic Stimulus. As a result, many antibodies are produced. When you treat the test sample with colored and attenuated Salmonella antigen suspensions, the sample's antibodies react with the antigen suspension. Because of this, you can attain visibly apparent agglutination. The Generation of Agglutination denotes a positive outcome. If no agglutination occurs, then there's something wrong. So, when we learn about test de Widal salmonella reactifs, there are both positives and negatives.

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